Friday Oktober 4 – TELL ME MORE – Animalistic

Leids Ontzet is coming up this week and you are all planning to party hard. We know, we do too. But how about the day after? Sleeping off your hangover? Or just happy the madness is over?

How about coming to Tell Me More to unwind and ease into your instinctual nature? After all, it is World Animal Day on the 4th of October… and aren’t we all living creatures in a concrete jungle? When did you last follow your instinct? Who’s is your spirit animal? Are you tamed or untamable? When was the last time you held a sweet little kitten in your handpalm? 

This Friday October 4, Tell Me More – Animalistic is going to reconnect you with your inner animal, your favourite pet or your wildest beast.
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21 & 22 September – The Uselessness of Art tijdens Kunstroute Leiden

Op 21 en 22 september staat de Generator in het teken van de zinloosheid van kunst. In het kader van Kunstroute Leiden. Moet kunst nut hebben om nuttig te zijn? Moet kunst een verkoopbaar product zijn? En wie bepaalt de waarde van kunst? Een ode aan de nutteloosheid van kunst binnen een kapitalistische samenleving.

The Uselessness Of Art


Friday September 6 – TELL ME MORE – Who am I

“Who am I?”
TELL ME MORE is back after the summer! And this time we are telling stories about “who we are”.

WHO AM I? Do you sometimes ask yourself that question? Are you just you, or are you someone’s sister, brother, friend, doctor or wife? Are you Dutch, or new Dutch, or half-Dutch? And who decides that?

WHO AM I is an evening full of stories about identity, projection, the stories other tell about you and the stories you tell yourself about who you are.