Friday November 9 – TELL ME MORE – STRONG WOMEN

This second International Storytelling Evening is all about: “Strong Women”. Stories told by professional, experienced storytellers with different backgrounds will share with you their stories. The evening is in English.

Tell me more


Francine de Graaf, born and raised in Scheveningen, is going to share with us a personal story about the sea, life and her grandmother.

Sandra Kramerova is going to perform LADIA, a solo dance fight inspired by female “superheroes” Lara Croft and Nadia Comaneci. The solo explores boundaries.

Alexandra Sips is going to tell us a Cinderella story that pretty sure you never heard before. The raw, olderst version of the story, without sugar coating, will make you wonder about the resilience of a woman.

And Xi Zeng’s story is about a Chinese female warrior. And she was not just a warrior, she fought even when she was 100 years old!

Organisor of the evening: Oriana van der Sande

Get yourself a bite or a drink (included in the ticket price) and step into this new world of stories.

Friday November 9 2018, 20:00 hrs

Theater De Generator, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden

11,68 euro – Order your tickets here!