Friday June 14 – TELL ME MORE

Kids play all the time. In fact, kids learn mostly through play, they run, giggle, engage, use their fantasy and imagination all the time. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we stop playing. We get serious, work or study, we binge watch series and that is about it. But playing is rejuvenating. Playing is fun. Playing is actually really necessary if we want to stay away from stress and depression.

Come to the Tell Me More storytelling evening on June 14th to hear stories about play. Stories about kicking balls and hide and seek, or maybe stories about other kinds of lay, like power play and mind games. With storytellers like Esther Kornalijnslijper, Cene Hale, Daan Grootenboer, Jacqueline Korevaar, Lucille Bacon Gibot. 

The host of the evening is Oriana van der Sande, organizer of the evening.

There will be music and even more stories. Personal stories, true stories, stories with meaning, tales. Make yourself comfortable and get into this new world of stories.

When: Friday June 14, 2019, 20:00 hrs

Theater De Generator, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden

11,68 euro – Order your tickets here!