Friday February 15 – TELL ME MORE – ROMANTIC LOVE

Welcome back at TELL ME MORE in 2019. Where Theater de Generator continues with the STORYTELLING EVENINGS of stories you´ve never heard before. Stories that will make you smile, stories that will make you cringe, stories that one way or the other will touch you and make you think. 

The TELL ME MORE storytelling evening on February 15 is about “Romantic Love“.  Pure love, forbidden love, lost love, difficult love, you name it. We have all been there, at one point in our lives.

Come and listen to professional storytellers, newbe storytellers, musicians and more. Professional, experienced storytellers with different backgrounds will share with you their stories.

Welcome to TELL ME MORE where true listening is the key. To be as inclusive as possible, the evenings will be fully in English.

Line up storytellers: Marijn Vissers, Gerard Jellema, Kathleen van der Weerd, Ellen Maassen, Ojas Canela.

The host of the evening is Oriana van der Sande, organizer of the evening.

There will be music and even more stories. Personal stories, true stories, stories with meaning, tales. Make yourself comfortable and get into this new world of stories.

Friday February 15, 2019, 20:00 hrs

Theater De Generator, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden

11,68 euro – Order your tickets here!