Friday March 6 – TELL ME MORE – Break the Rules!

“Break the Rules”
According to Dalai Lama one should “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” When did you last break the rules? Were you smart about it? Were you careless? Did you get caught? Did you get into trouble? TELL ME MORE!

Perhaps you have broken your OWN rules? The ones you have set for yourself? We all get challenged to step over the line, the line of comfort. We hope this evening will inspire you to break them. Come and listen to the rebellious storytellers coming to Leiden on March 6th to share their take on ‘Break the Rules’.

From 18.30 Leids Steunloket Migranten (LSM) will offer Bulgur with Spinach and Barazek Cookies for desert! For just 5 euros you can munch on this meal and take it easy before our storytellers take the floor. Come with friends, family, a date, OR alone! It doesn’t matter, we’ll just pull up a chair for you at a big table. We will start at 20.00 with our storytellers.

*Students come in for € 2,50. For non-students we ask a starting price of € 5. If you have a fantastically paying job and wish to donate extra, great!*

Bring your friends, cats, grandmothers and lover(s) and we’ll see you there!