Friday April 12 – TELL ME MORE

Come and listen to professional storytellers, newbe storytellers, musicians and more. Welcome to TELL ME MORE where true listening is the key. To be as inclusive as possible, the evenings will be fully in English.

Home is where you feel safe, understood and loved. A roof over your head, friends, family. Home is a feeling, it is smells and sounds. Home is what you know and feel familiar with. It is your parental home or your love nest, because “home is where the heart is”. Right?
And what if you go to another country for work? Or go to another city for your beloved ones? Or that you have to flee for your safety? And what if you discover that what you thought you were at home, does not feel like that anymore, and that you sometimes feel more at home among strangers? What are not strangers anymore …
Come to Tell Me More on April 12 with the theme Home. Be surprised by professional and new storytellers on the monthly storytelling evenings in Theater de Generator.

Line up storytellers: Milda Varnauskaite, Cara Taylor en Terra Norihiro Terazawa,Bipin Upadhyay

The host of the evening is Oriana van der Sande, organizer of the evening.

There will be music and even more stories. Personal stories, true stories, stories with meaning, tales. Make yourself comfortable and get into this new world of stories.

When: Friday April 12, 2019, 20:00 hrs

Location: Theater De Generator, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden

Tickets: 11,68 euro – Order your tickets here!