Terugblik – AMFEMININE

Afgelopen zaterdag, op 22 mei, vond de eerste editie van AMFEMININE plaats. Deze keer online op Zoom met tientallen inspirerende mensen die deelnamen. We kijken terug op een avond met intrigerende performances en geweldige gesprekken over feminisme en het schoonheidsideaal. We eindigden met een gevoel van solidariteit. Samen willen we strijden voor een beeld van schoonheid waarbij niemand uitgesloten wordt. Tot volgend jaar!

Hieronder enkele afbeeldingen en de poetry van Ioana Tudor die ze bij aanvang voorlas.

Snapshot video opname LADIA van Sandra Kramerová.
Op zondag 23 mei speelde Gina haar voorstelling Mirr-Or-Age in de tuin van onze buren om ondanks corona toch een live voorstelling te kunnen spelen.

Poetry door Ioana Tudor:

This is AMfeminine.

I AM not feminine.

Yet, this is for those who feel feminine.

And this is for those who don’t feel feminine:

I am here to give you the main gist.

Amfeminine is for all who are or want to be feminist.

Feminism because we still need to fight for equality.

It’s as simple as that.

No man, no patriarchy has anything to say about my thinness or my body fat.

No male gaze to interfere with my self worth, in real life,  insta or snap chat.

Solidarity with all of my sisters, including the ones that were forced to be misters.

Equality because 98% of violence against women is done by men

And can we walk safely in the streets of Leiden at night? No we can’t.

Equality because we women can´t be or wear what we want

Without the fear of being objectified, exoticized, being called a terrorist, slut, prude or spat at

Equality because male domination affects my life every day.

I spend so much time dealing with insecure men, I would be so rich, If I’d get payed

Their fear of rejection and of losing power

Is so bloody boring, I refuse to give them compliments showers

Let them do their own work to fight that same patriarchy

That has forced them to push their emotions down so violently

Cause they too are victims of the same system my dears

But be aware of the proportions my male friend: it’s the rapes and deaths, vs your fears

It’s my constant awareness of body and mind integrity

And we are here tonight to help a bit to achieve that more easily

I find it funny to do this particular event on ZOOM

I think many of you find it recognizable I assume

The constant confrontation of seeing yourself on a screen all the time

This mirror, this self awareness, even now while I rhyme

No better setting to talk about beauty and beautifying

While having yourself staring back at you, it´s almost terrifying 

But you are not alone, we are in this together

So sit back in your chair, made out of wood, plastic or maybe even leather?

I don´t know most of you

But I actually know I love all of you

For being so open and willing to be here in this digital space

To achieve equality, and having theater be at the base.

Thank you.

Snapshot video opname Mirr-Or-Age van Gina-Alina Patilea